Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Are You Planning a Party Then Plan Ahead?

Well, I am organizing a get together party at my place and trust me dear, it is more hectic than 9-10 hrs. office job. Although I am a planner but organizing a party is above any planning or execution I have done in past. So to ease your worries about the same I feel like sharing checklist which helped me a lot in organizing my party. So the day when the date of the party is decided, the very first thing you need to do is making the invitation list. The list follows:
•    Venue of the party and its capacity in regards to number of people (here it is home)
•    As per the venue’s capacity make an invitation list (keep the number down by 5 % at least), send     the invitations
•    Is it a theme party? Is yes then select the theme
•    Plan the menu, including the snacks and beverages
•    Make a list of items which require a visit to store
•    Grocery shopping, don’t forget the plastic drinkware (will tell why)
•    Check and clean the crockery you will be using
•    Ask your friend to make a nice playlist for the occasion
•    Clean the house properly
•    Arrange the furniture as required and if require more, then rent the items
•    Let your neighbors know about the party so that they don’t get disturbed later on
•    Decorate as per your theme and wish
•    Cook the dishes you want and order the rest
•    Let’s the party begin
This list is as small as I can make otherwise it would have been a list with hundreds of pages. So back to my promise about plastic drinkware. Why should we use them? The answer is very simple. In a party where alcohol is involved then the chances of few brawls or slips are normal. And if you will use the glass drinkware then they are bound to crash and crumble. So the best way to avoid the crash is using is plastic glasses.

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