Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Plastic Mugs – Convenient and Affordable Option for Different Occasions

Advancement of technology has enabled innovators to develop revolutionary products. It is very common to see plastic products being used not only in household purposes but also in business establishments. Plastic drinking cups are now commonly used in restaurants, food chains, offices. In fact, now plastic cups are very easily available in the market at affordable price range. This specialty and easy availability has resulted in tremendous boom for the business of plastic cups. Needless to mention, but people from all walks of life have started using plastic products. Now, consumers are abandoning expensive utensils in the favor of plastic cups.
You will not face any scarcity of options while shopping for plastic mugs and similar products. Both conventional physical stores and online suppliers amass vast inventory of lightweight plastic mugs and cups. The increasing demand for plastic products has also resulted in curtailment of production cost. Plastic cups are not only inexpensive but also easy to maintain. There is no reason for you to worry regarding possible damage when compared with glass or porcelain cups.  Today the customers have the flexibility to place orders for customized cups. Such steps can tremendously boost their marketing campaign. Just take into account the simple steps and precautions to extend the service span of plastic cups.
Gone are those days when water cups and other plastic products were available only in simple designs and plain forms but now you can place order for customized designs. Today the change of fashion and due to element of convenience, plastic cups are even used in big events such as wedding celebrations, birthday parties, picnics, outings, celebrations. They are reasonably priced and easy to carry. These two factors have immensely contributed in their skyrocketing popularity. Plastic products do not break away easily and can be easily handled by people of different age groups.

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Different Types of Pitcher Materials

Many times, people overlook to check the material while selecting the pitcher for home purpose. This usually happens because the material has a little impact when used daily. It is important to note that pitcher material doesn’t affect the blending power but, it doesn’t mean pitcher material is not at all important to consider while selecting the pitcher. Three types of materials are used to make the pitcher. These materials are plastic, metal, and steel. Here, I am mentioning the pitcher made from different materials with its advantages and disadvantages.
1. Plastic
Plastic material is commonly used for making the pitcher and the pitcher made from plastic is available in different sizes and shapes. Cheap quality pitcher uses a low-grade plastic which can get scratched, staining easily, and odor retention when used for a long time. In normal cases, plastic contains BPA is a chemical which causes a health problem. In contrast to cheap ones, an expensive plastic pitcher uses a high-quality plastic or copolyster that offers durability, scratch resistance, and heat resistance to the pitcher.
Lightweight, inexpensive, and break-resistance are the features of plastic pitcher. Whereas, hazardous to health, easy to scratch, attracts stain easily, and in-efficient in controlling the odor are some disadvantages of using a pitcher of low-quality plastic.
2. Glass
High-quality pitchers usually have glass jars. As we all know, glass is a very delicate material that can be easily shattered with a sudden drop. But, it is more durable than plastic. Glass has the property that it doesn’t retain odors, scratch, or even stains. Owing to these features, glass pitchers cost high as compared to plastic ones and yes, it is heavier than plastic. The best part of glass pitcher is that even if you keep the lid closed for hours of your pitcher, still it won’t give the foul smell.
Stain-resistant and scratch-resistant are some positive features of a glass pitcher and the negative side of glass pitcher is that it is heavy, prone to breakage, and expensive as compared to plastic.
3. Metal
Some of the pitchers are also available in the market with stainless steel material. These containers are available in the market at a high price. This is the most durable range and is away from regular wear and tear.
Durable, stain resistant, and professional look are some positive points of the metal pitcher and the negative side of metal pitcher is that it’s high price and may cause dent if not handled carefully.

Thursday, 5 January 2017

Designer Drinkware from Epluser

Planning a party outdoors? Whenever, we conceive of big get together and parties, drinkware is the first thing that we have to arrange in larger numbers than dinner plates. Since, disposables cannot be used on every occasion, people invariably look for plastic drinkware that look elegant and are durable as well.
Epluser is a Shenzhen based company designing and manufacturing drinkware like tumblers, goblets, mugs and more. Epluser Drinkware Collection seamlessly coordinates with all melamine and fine dinnerware collections used in homes, restaurants or hotels.  There are many styles to choose from and our creative team of designers are ever ready to customize as per clients’ directions. Made from food grade plastics, it brings durability with the look of glass without the cracking of ordinary plastic. With attention to detail, elegance is not sacrificed for durability while designing these beautiful drinkware pieces.
 Our drinkware collection is perfect for serving your favorite cocktail recipes. The tumblers are great as highball glasses, pint glasses and water glasses. Our goblets can be used for cocktails, and are best for wine and blended drinks. Logo printing is available for commercial purposes and there are a wide variety of styles available.
The beautiful fluorescent colors of the products make them look beautiful. Our products are made from fine quality food grade plastics and only mild detergents are recommended for washing purposes. These are top rack dishwasher safe, but commercial dishwashers should be avoided for longevity.
Browse online for our new collection of plastic drinkware as well as discounts and deals. Get in touch with us for all your needs. We accept small as well as big orders for manufacturing drinkware of your choice. Shop for beer cups, beer mugs, plastic cups, glass look goblet and many more.